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I was born in North Wales and relocated to London in 1982 as co-founder and bassist of Welsh rock band The Alarm. As a musician and songwriter, I developed a growing fascination with the impact of imagery and photography, after participating in photo shoots with photographers including Bob Carlos Clarke, Spencer Rowell and Annie Leibovitz.

When the group disbanded in the mid 1990s I commenced a full-time photography degree course, in which I learned about developing, processing and printing images.

When the digital era commenced, I invested in my new career by purchasing some of the first digital equipment available and embracing new technology ahead of my peers.

As an experienced photographer, I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented teams on tremendous projects with high profile clients such as Avon, T-Mobile, O2, Asics and Playboy and many more.

I currently specialise in sportswear clothing, advertising, fashion, movement and portraiture.

Working constantly in an ever-changing industry, I'm always keen to commence my next project and ready to embrace technology as it changes and evolves.

Sourcing a great team is essential in order to achieve consistent results - I have a wealth of experience and a skilled team of assistants, all of whom share my passion for photography.

If getting that all-important photograph is your goal in a time-sensitive, politically delicate world, experience and passion speak volumes. Please let me share my skills with you.

Eddie Macdonald 2011